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Suggested Reading for Parents of Alcohol and Drug Users
Posted by:Sally--Monday, March 01, 2010

Hope These Books are Helpful to You.

1.How to Tell When Kids Are in Trouble with Alcohol/Drugs - Hazelden/Johnson Institute - ISBN # 1562461427
2.Parents, It's Not Your Fault - Beverly J. Skogland - ISBN # 0894865501
3.Acceptence-A Way to Serenity and Peaco of Mind - Vincent P. Collins -ISBN#087029072x

4.Recovery of Chemically Dependent Families - Hazelden/Johnson Institute - ISBN#0935908390
5.Detachment - The Art of Letting Go While Lilving With an Alcoholic - Evelyn Leite - ISBN# 0935908021
6.Chemical Dependence and Recovery, A Family Affair - Hazelden/Johnson Institute - ISBN# 0935908005
7.The Dynamics of Addiction - George A. Monn MD - ISBN # 0935908382
8.The Family Enablers - Hazelden/Johnson Institute - ISBN # 0935908099
9.Choices and Consequences, What To Do When a Teenager Uses Alcohol/Drugs - Dick Shaefer ISBN # 0935908420
10.Addictive Thinking - Abraham J. Twerski MD - ISBN # 1568381387
11.Codependent No More - Melody Beattie - ISBN # 0894864025
12.Beyond Codependency - Melody Beattie - ISBN # 0894865838
13.Alcoholics Anonomous -Big Book - Alcoholics Anonomous World Services, Inc.
14.Adult Children of Alcoholics - Janet Woititz - ISBN # 1558741127
15.It Will Never Happen to Me - Claudia Black Ph.D./MSW - ISBN # 1568387989
16.Under the Influence - Ketchum - ISBN # 9780553274875
17.Beyond the Infuence - Ketchum - ISBN # 0553380141
18.Boundaries, When to Say Yes, When to Say No, To Take Control of Your Life - Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend ISBN # 0310247454
19.The Selfish Brain - Dupont - ISBN # 1568383630

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Lloyd Woodward said...

Thank you for sharing this great book list. This is some serious reading! I like the way you included the former reading material posted by Ken.

Sally, you have been doing a great job as new editor. If parents want to send you thier stories for posting can they find your email address anywhere? You might want to get a new one just for this purpose, one that people can rmember easily. Something like sallyatpsst or sallyispsst at gmail or yahoo! I have already received questions from other parents about how they can share thier story just because they are following the Sally, Rocco and Cisco story. I know of at least one parent who will probably ask you for your email at our next meeting.

Sally said...

Parents Who Have a Story to Tell can send their stories to sallyservives@gmail.com
I know I would like to hear from other parents and get their point-of-view.


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