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A Mom's Insight into Missing Memories Part 2
Posted by:Rocco--Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is the next part of a mom’s missing memories. Lori shared this in 2008. Her story touches all families of teenage addicts.

Losing a Teenager and Gaining an Adult - by Lori

"When dealing with a teenage drug addict, you will find many typical teenage events that never happen and many memories that will never be. And regardless of how much we try to force them to be, they still will never be. And there are still many more memories that are painful and we would rather forget…"

To continue with Lori's story, use the link below or click on the title of this post above:

Losing a Teenager and Gaining an Adult - Part 2 of 6 - by Lori

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Thank you Lori - This helps us understand and cope. We are just now going through this realization ourselves at this time.


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Anonymous said...

This is the hardest part for me and I am still struggling with it. My teenage girl is 17 and should be having the time of her life in High School, having a boyfriend, going out with her friends, participating in activities in school, working, going to prom,and making all the great memories that I did. My heart is broken for her. When I think back to my High School years, and realize she has missed the sweetest times her life, I break down. I wanted this so bad for her. I hope and pray she will find happiness and personal fullfillment and enrichment one day. But boy, has she missed out on some wonderful years.....


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