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A Walk in the Park with Cisco and The Beagle
Posted by:Sally--Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi, it has been a while since I filled you in on our family and how we are progressing. We are changing (for the better) and I feel that y'all have been such good friends and confidants as you listened to my stories.... From the emotional Roller Coaster I rode when Cisco relapsed to the declaration that The Spell Has Been Broken! Well, we are at the crossroads once again. Cisco will soon successfully complete his stay in the Gateway YES program. We are so proud of his progress. It certainly is a natural 'mom thing' to want him home and want the memories of his actions to fade away like a bad dream. Never the Less, addictions don't easily go away, addictions are deceitful, cunning and baffling. It took me three months to process that he is not yet ready to come home. He is not yet strong enough to master this deceitful, cunning and baffling enigma.

Cisco had another three hour pass on Saturday; Rocco was out of town on business so I trekked out on my own to see him. Well, I wasn't completely alone, I took The Beagle with me. The Beagle is good company for a long drive but I will make a mental note for next time not to share my happy meal with The Beagle because he does get car sick.

Cisco and I walked in the park and talked about many things. He was respectful and introspective. We talked about some things that really matter. Like what he needs to do to stay clean and how often he feels like using. Cisco wants to get a job and finish his GED so that he can take some college courses. He is talking positively about moving on to Liberty Station (an adolescent halfway house).

Cisco is not as self-centered as he used to be. Because of his placement, he has not been able to see his 89 year old grandpap since January. He wants us to tell grandpap where he is so that grandpap can see him. He is afraid grandpap just thinks Cisco is not visiting him because he doesn't care about him.

Cisco's probation officer said we have a court date coming up soon. I asked him if he foresees a problem with getting Liberty Station court ordered. Lloyd feels that the public defender will fight it and may get Cisco riled up about going there. Let me tell you one thing for the record. I am ready for a fight with any ol' P.D. It took me some time to process that Cisco needs more help but now Rocco and I have both come to the conclusion that he does. We have all worked too hard to get Cisco to where he is today and I am not going to drop the ball now.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for listening.

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Lloyd Woodward said...

Your's and Rocco's strengths showing through on this post. That ole PD already knows that he's got a fight on his hands when you guys step into the Court room. You are willing to fight to see that Cisco gets all the help he really needs.

Readers take note: it is often the case today that parents must stand up and fight for the treatment that their teenager needs.

It's not a bad thing- it's the good fight.


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