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An Update on Bam Bam ~ By Wilma
Posted by:Sally--Monday, August 15, 2011


As you may know my son Bam Bam was released after 60 days on July 1st. He had been placed into an in-patient recovery facility through ACT 53 . His discharge instructions included that he attend 90 meetings in 90 days. His counselor said she would be happy if he did at least three a week. He hasn't gone to any.

His 2nd ACT 53 hearing in July court-ordered him to mandatory, random drug tests at Juvenile court. I was ecstatic that I wouldn't have to administer them. However, when I took him to the first one (he didn't give me any trouble going downtown to court) he couldn't provide a sample even though there was a male screener with him. He told one of the workers to just to mark him as positive rather than wait.. She told him is she did it would show positive for 6 drugs.

He said he didn't care.

He then became belligerent with me. He was getting mad because he had to wait (only one person ahead of him) which was unavoidable as one of the workers was having problems with the camera.

There were a few other minor issues that got him more agitated. I had it and told him I was leaving and he could find his own way home. He followed me out and I noticed a deputy sort of following us probably thinking a fight was going to break out!

We called the act 53 case manager from the lobby and she said that if Bam provided a sample with a trusted male witness (he decided he could do this in front of his dad) or would consent to a blood test (he refused) we could do that.

However, the judge will know at the next hearing in September that he refused at court. So far he has had one 12 panel test and one weed only test and they have been negative. I intend to also screen for alcohol.

He is hanging out with his same friends and I'm sure at same places though they have been "going fishing" a lot. I did see a photo on his friend, Eddie's, Facebook showing him with a fish down by the river so maybe they are really fishing at least some of the times.

Bam's dad, Fred, spends a lot of time chauffeuring Bam and his friends around as they all don't drive.

Today Bam called home very upset to tell his dad that one of his friend's who was here this afternoon stole beer from our basement refrigerator (Fred had not removed it but did count it yesterday so he knew that this kid, I'll call him Celo, took 11 beers). I have told Fred his beer should be locked up but.....

They went out the back basement door so Fred didn't see them. Now, Bam said he didn't know about it. I'm not so sure but Fred believes him [of course]. However, now there is no key kept by the back door and ALL backpacks will be checked at the front door.

Bam is scheduled to go back to school at his home school as a senior at the beginning of September. I am hoping this works out as Cyber-School was a miserable failure.

EDITOR'S NOTE / OPINION: I do not know of a case of a child abusing drugs [including our son Cisco] that is able to handle the demands of Cyber-School. Don't waste your time.

We have a had few minor issues lately and Bam has been very good about following his curfew.

His 16-year old cousin that he is close to was arrested last week for possession. Bam said he needs to talk to "Cool J" to help keep him out of trouble but it's a little late for that. Maybe he will be joining some of our PSST campers soon.

Anyway, that is where we are for today. Unfortunately, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hope it stays on!


Anonymous said...

We miss seeing you at the meetings, Wilma. You share so much of your experiences and it's always helpful to other parents. I am sure that whatever happens with Bam you will face it head on.

Anonymous said...

As a parent who has "been there, done that" I too feel that cyber school would be a waste of everyone's time. A thought for you...when my son was a senior he was in a rehab facility and finished his schooling there. Somehow, my son who had a less than stellar academic career, pulled off a GPA of 3.8 and graduated in October vs. June. Not that the early graduation helped in any way--it just 'looks good'.
"June Cleaver"


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