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Earthquake hits Pittsburgh: PSST parents NOT affected.
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Honey, I didn't know Tommy had a homepass today!?"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A moderate earthquake hit Virginia Tuesday afternoon and the tremors were felt hundreds of miles away. The epicenter of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake was about 87 miles outside of Washington, D.C. around 1:51 p.m.

The tremors were felt as far north as Massachusetts and as far west as Cincinnati. Dozens of viewers called into the KDKA-TV newsroom minutes after the ground shook in the Pittsburgh area. Click here for complete article.

Parents who attend PSST meetings in Pittsburgh for the most part seemed not to be concerned. When asked about why PSST parents took the earthquake so lightly, one parent put it this way:

PSST parent: You see, with our teenagers we feel tremors ALL the time.

Interviewer: You mean, like an earthquake?

PSST parent: Oh yeah, are you kidding? It's like Jurassic Park, you know when they could feel the T-Rex stomping around and see the ripples in the glass of water? I feel tremors all the time at my house when my teenager starts stomping around, hitting walls and throwing things.

Interviewer: But surely that's not like the earthquake?

PSST parent: Well, all I can tell you, and our teenager is in placement right now, that when the earthquake hit, I was in the living room and I felt the strong vibrations and it seemed like things were moving sideways, and I yelled out, "Honey, I didn't know Tommy had a home pass today?!!" But come to find out, I could relax because it was only an earthquake and I just went back to watching TV.

Interviewer: Sounds like you're sort of inoculated against earthquakes!

PSST parent: Well, we've had plenty of experiences with vibrations, that's for sure!


Wilma said...

Thanks I needed this! We had our own earthquake at home today with Bam and I sure needed a laugh.


Sally said...

Funny, Lloyd, very funny....there is a lot of truth said in jest.

I felt the tremor at work today while sitting at my desk. It bore a strange resemblance to the shakes I felt when Cisco would call me at work saying:
"I must leave school right now, you have to come get me before I hurt myself or someone else."


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