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Shattered Dreams
Posted by:Jenn--Wednesday, August 03, 2011

An article just published in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review highlights once more the dangers of smoking synthetic marijuana. A 13-year-old teen from Westmoreland County is fighting for his life in Children's Hospital, his lungs damaged so badly that he is on a respirator to keep him alive. It's just one more reminder of why we as PSST parents need to keep up the fight for our children - their hopes, their dreams, and their very lives may be hanging in the balance.

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Lloyd Woodward said...

So tragic and so important for people to read this article. "Oh it's only fake marijuana," people think and they don't realize how dangerous these drugs can be to our teens. Thanks, Jenn, for posting this one.

Rocco said...

The Good News - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed legislation banning the sale of manufactured drugs, including synthetic marijuana and synthetic cocaine known as "bath salts," because of the dangers. The ban goes into effect August 23.

The Sad News - The fine folks that sell these "legal" drugs have been doing a very large summer clearance sale on them so the dealers will be well stocked come August 23 [not to mention the drugs will still be available via the internet].

As parents we have our work cut out for us -- be observant and consistently strong.

It is not the easy way - It is the PSST Way.

Anonymous said...

If you read the article closely it says the child smoked the synthetic marijuana out of a plastic PEZ container. In the process he likely melted the plastic and inhaled the toxic vapors.

I'm not condoning drug use but if synthetic marijuana was really the cause of the lung damage we would see many more people of all ages in the ER with damaged lungs.


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