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Tell all of Those People to Go Away and Leave Us Alone.
Posted by:Rocco--Thursday, August 18, 2011

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I really hate when those people interfere in your family’s private issues. I hate when you go to those stupid meetings. I hate those people thinking that they know how to handle your child better than you do. I hate it when they make you feel uncomfortable. I hate when they blame me and tell you to get rid of me.

Remember me? I make you feel comfortable. I am the one that is here to reassure you. I am the one who brought you to where you are.

Tell all of those people to go away and leave us alone.

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am your ever present Codependency. Cunning, baffling and powerful, that’s me. I have stopped thousands of people from seeking the help that they need.

I love to catch you with an element of surprise. When you least suspect it, POW, here I am.

I enjoy pretending that I am your best friend. I have always given you comfort, haven’t I? Wasn’t I there when you were lonely and confused? When you wanted to keep everything quiet, stop the debate, make it all go away, didn’t you call me? I was there right away, wasn’t I? I agreed that it was the best thing you could do.

Yeah, I might make you hurt. I might make you cry. I might make you so numb that you can’t hurt or cry. Hey, that is when I am at my best. I will give you whatever you ask for and all I ask of you is a little bit of long-term suffering.

But I’ve always been there for you, right? When you wished everything could just be like it used to be, you invited me. When you said that we could handle things by ourselves now, I was the only one who would side with you. Together we were able to ignore all of the guidance and counseling that we didn’t like or agree with.

You know people don’t always, like, take me seriously. Anxiety and stress they take seriously, headaches they take seriously and high blood pressure they take seriously. Like, how dumb are they? Don’t they know that without my help a lot of these things wouldn't be possible sometimes? Funny, they always tell me that they hate me and yet I never come in uninvited. They choose to keep me in their lives. So many people have chosen me over reality and peace. I am so much easier, ya know.

More than you hate me; I hate all those goofy twelve-step programs. Your programs, your meetings, your Higher Power; they all weaken me and I can’t function in the manner that I am accustomed to.

So for now I will just lie here quietly. You won’t hear or see me but I will always be here.

When you're ready to go it alone again; I will be ready to live your life for you. When you are ready to live your life again; I will be here, all alone. But I will be here.

So until we meet again...

...I wish you would tell all of those people to go away and leave us alone.

Editors Note: Thanks to NA for providing the basis for this piece.

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Sally said...

Hi Rocco,

This piece is very creative and enlightening. I enjoyed reading it.

Codependency can be very illusive so it is good that you made it something tangible. 'Someone' we can look at and learn to understand. Heck, we can even laugh at him! Look at the photo you have of the sleazeball!

How else can we rid ourselves of it unless we understand what it is?

Thanks again for all of your PSST help in our struggle.


Lloyd Woodward said...

This puts a personal touch to this issue. If co-dependency was a skeleton, then you just put flesh on the bones. Thanks Rocco.


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