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Congratulations to Brad and Jenn the Allegheny County Parents of the Year 2016!
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Due to their hard work and commitment to helping their son Brad and Jenn have been named 2016 Parent's of the Year! Both parents have demonstrated a strong commitment to PSST and have volunteered for many PSST speaking engagements. They have both studied and demonstrated mastery of the PSST parenting skills and have also helped share that knowledge with other parents. Also, Jenn has tirelessly worked as editor of this blog.

Please join us as Brad and Jenn are recognized at Awards Night at Juvenile Court on Thursday, October 6th at 6:00 PM!!!

Valerie Ketter, Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Unit Juvenile Court. Type rest of the post here


katwoman said...

This is awesome news! While all PSST parents are award winning parents, these two are long overdue to be recognized and celebrated! They consistently go above and beyond and I hope everyone can make it to the courthouse tonight to celebrate their award....Cheers!

Lloyd Woodward said...

I agree completely with Katwomen. No one has ever been more deserving of this award. Not only for the last year but for the last five or six years these two have been a strong support for PSST and at the same time they have put their skills to work in their own lives for the betterment of their family.

Jenn said...

Thanks, Katwoman & Lloyd, for your kind words. The 2 of you have been such a big part of our family's growth and healing over the years, and I don't think that we'd ever have come this far without you. We gave both of you well-deserved "shout-outs" in our acceptance speech last night, as influential people to whom we will be forever grateful.

Brad & Jenn

Anonymous said...

So well deserved! I have never met a more tenacious and resilient couple than the two of you. We were sorry to miss your acceptance speech. Hope it's posted here soon!
Brigitte and Pierre

Jenn said...

Thanks, Brigitte and Pierre!

We appreciate so much your involvement with PSST over the years, and the strong example that you set for us – whether it was through role plays, or through your brave actions in dealing with 2 challenging teens who needed different kinds of help. We also appreciate your friendship, which helped make the rough ride a little easier. PSST truly was a lifeline for us.

Jenn & Brad

P.S. Our speech is posted now.


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