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Just for fun - some South Park parenting
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Cartman's mother admits that she can't control Cartman. Delightful comedy. Obviously, there is obscene language in this so don't play it in front of children.

This episode has Nanny 911, Super Nanny and The Dog Whisperer.

South Park "TSST"

Disclaimer: While there may some truths about parenting and enabling (or else why would I post it?), PSST is not recommending that anyone follow this approach. As the heading says, this is just for fun.

We have no connection to South Park Studios.com. We are simply providing one picture and one link in hopes that viewers will view this video from it's place of origin, i.e., South Park Studios. If South Park Studios or other owners of this video do not want this graphic picture of Cartman and his mom on our blog, of course we will remove it. We have provided this graphic not for financial gain but only so that we can comment on it.


Anonymous said...

This was the first South Park episode I ever watched. Ironically it was highly recommended to me by my son Herman. who insisted that we watch it together. It has been a source of humor between us for long time. Somehow I was not successful in using "tchzzzzpt" sound in getting him to back off, or stop a behavior. Maybe I need to work on my technique. :) - Jessica

Jenn said...

Hilarious!! Makes me want to check it out to see if the TSST method will work for a PSST parent, but my son is in placement so I will just have to wait. Could I get into some kind of trouble for doing that during visiting hours? Well, it sure is tempting . . .


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