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Time for Cisco's Six Month Review ~ Part II ~ Once on the PSST Track - You Never Go Back
Posted by:Sally--Friday, February 11, 2011

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can...

I have not received word from Cisco that he has cancelled the hearing and accepted the fact that his parents believe he needs to remain on probation.

This PSST Mom and this PSST Dad have reached a new level of change.

We have been taught well by Lloyd and Kathie and have gained insight from all the wonderful parents at PSST. (These people are our dear friends and probably know us better than anyone). Cisco thinks he knows us well also. Why does he want off of probation right now? Because he thinks he stands a chance at gaining the power back because he thinks the power is with Lloyd and PSST. He does not get it yet. He should not be allowed off of probation until he realizes that Mom and Dad have the power.

Rocco and Sally will stand side by side in court and state that Cisco is not ready to be off of probation.

Cisco is still contacting friends that he used drugs with. So called friends who are not in recovery and can drag him down so low and so fast that there is a good chance that he would be found dead in some God-forsaken alley.

Cisco is still impulsive and spoke (very recently) about running from placement if he knew he could get away with it. He ran three times from two other programs. When he ran he bought drugs with money from his college fund and started selling on the streets.

Cisco is still too manipulative.

He will have to learn that good things are worth waiting for and they need to be rightfully earned.


Jessica said...

Sally, you and Rocco will always be heroes to me. I was a faithful reader of your blog and those of the other mighty PSST parents for 11 months, before attending my first meeting in November. I can honestly say I was quite starstuck, when I finally met the familiar people whose stories gave me the tools, confidence, and a sense of hope.

Thank you for always sharing your story. Your sincerity, tenacity,and strong conviction to help your son are truly an inspiration.

Sally said...

Thank you, Jessica,

I hope to see you at the PSST meeting tomorrow.

I invite all parents who are struggling with an addicted son or daughter to join us for an informative meeting.

YOU will not be disappointed. Sal


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