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Mock Car Crash Day at Brashear High School 5-19-10
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two teens from Liberty Station joined a 24 year-old to warn Brashear High Students not to drink and drive. There were eight of us; Cathy Culbert from Wesley-spectrum Family Therapy and myself along with six young men in recovery. Three who had backgrounds that included a DUI, were scheduled to speak. Three were there to listen and to support the speakers.

When we arrived, the Firemen, paramedics, and police were busy using power equipment to cut up a car. Four volunteer high school students were inside the car and dressed up for the prom. They had liberal amounts of makeup to make it appear that they were seriously injured. It was like walking onto the set of movie. All the equipment was powered by a loud generator that never stopped.

Right in the midst of this chaos our three speakers and one of our other teens spontaneously formed a circle. Grasping each others hands and with heads bowed, they asked their Higher Power for strength and courage in delivering their message. Just watching our brave young men I started to feel emotional about all this. No one had even started talking yet. I also knew that one of the speakers had lost his girlfriend in a DUI.

He told a harrowing story of how he looked out the car window after the crash to see her body lying on the ground in front of the car. It was a powerful message to the audience and a truly inspirational experience to see the his courage and determination. He made no excuses for what he had done and he told the kids listening that he can never make amends for the harm he has done- and the only way he can even try to is by speaking to groups of teenagers.

Our other younger speakers were also inspirational and they too did not make excuses for what they have done or whom they have injured. One of the phrases, straight from 12-step, that kept coming up: "the wreckage of my past."

It's so easy to feel pessimistic when you have a teenager with a drug problem; however, on May 19th, our young men were so inspirational, both the speakers and the support guys, that you really can't walk away without believing in miracles.

Click "Read More" to see videos of the prom-related simulated Car Crash. They lift the top of the car off so that they can access the people inside.

Special thanks to School-based Probation Officer Christine Lisko who invited our young men as speakers; thanks to Brashear High School for having us and for arranging this powerful demonstration. Also, thanks to Cathy Culbert from Wesley Spectrum Family Services and Gateway Liberty Station Halfway House whose work with our young men is invaluable. Finally, big thanks to the brave young speakers who are just trying to save a few lives.

Note: picture on right used with the permission of the two volunteers.

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