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Be on the look-out for paraphernalia
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You migt think that it's good that your teen is interested in gas masks. What an interesting thing to collect. Maybe he wants to be a First Responder if there is a terrorist attack? On the other hand, maybe he is experimenting with new ways to smoke marijuana.

If you have seen interesting paraphernalia around your house leave a comment so that other parents can be on the look-out. Also, if plastic baggies keep disappearing, that is usually a clue. 

It's surprising how easy it is to make a water bong or a Pepsi bottle safe .  If the same bottle of Pepsi has been in your teenagers room forever you should be suspicious. Also, it is easy to make a aerosol can into a safe so try unscrewing the bottom of the can to see if it holds contraband.  Confiscate suspicious containers and bring them to PSST for evaluation.  We can all learn from what you bring into a meeting and some of our parents have become self-made experts.  



Anonymous said...

Having found numerous items "after the fact", I find it astonishing that there are so many alternate uses for common everyday items.

I am finding myself re-evaluating most items I find. I also feel angry inside that I have to restrict MYSELF because of the actions of my teen.

I don't purchase aerosal whipped cream for reasons other than I like it on my strawberry shortcake. Silly me!

Anonymous said...

Well-I just found these things today all together in a group.

Nancy Drew--how does a small, empty 'sample-size' bottle with a burned circle [dime size] on the side bottom and a broken balloon inside, the aerosal medication from an inhaler, a razor blade, and a braided wire about 3" in diameter all fit together? The top was not on the bottle, by the way.

Lloyd Woodward said...

Nancy Drew reporting back: 3 inch wire? That seems like a very large wire and yet perhaps it is used somehow to vaporize the marijuana. I'm taking a guess but consider this from a police report:

"and charged each with possession of Phencyclidine and use of drug paraphernalia, a clear plastic smoking device and copper wire."

As to the asthma medication: one often uses an inhaler to calm the lungs down from smoking marijuana, which tends to cause an outburst of coughing from the user, or to open the lung passages up so that the smoker can enjoy a better high. I don't know if this works but I know that marijuana smokers think that it does.

I think the wire, the asthma medication and the plastic bottle that had a dime shaped hole (which might be used to insert a wire bowl or to insert marijuana to be then vaporized) might point to a smoker who wants to both minimize the damage to his lungs and to experience a more euphoric high.

I have read where vaporizing, which heats up the marijuana so that it can be smoked,but does not actually "burn" it, is actually an experience of more euphoric intensity. I think we will try to put out a post about vaporizing marijuana as it is a fad that is sweeping the nation right now.

I still feel that the 3 inch diameter is a huge wire for this kind of job but I'm only guessing as I've never seen a home-made vaporizer. I know you can google vaporizer and order them online or you can find directions for how to make your own.


Rocco said...

Cisco's favorite hobby was making water bongs. At first there were a lot of drinking straws and soda bottles around his room. Then I noticed my electrical tape missing. Next my razor knife, drill bits and sockets from my wrench sets were gone as well as our kitchen scissors and knives. Apparently he was supplying all of his friends with our tools and whatever else it took to make the bongs. Origianlly (and naively) I began to destroy and dispose of the materials thinking that it would discourage them. Not a chance! It got to the point that I was shredding every plastic container before it went into the recycle bin. So then he started using tupperware, coffee cans, trash cans and thermos bottles.
Although I never actually caught Cisco huffing, I still detroy cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet paper, aluminum foil and wrapping paper before tossing them out. Man! These kids can really wear you out!
Here is another hint - if your son has a scale in his room that is a bad thing. That one is still in my evidence drawer at my office along with some of the sockets and one or two soda bottles and a bag of weed. Remember not to destroy the evidence but store it in a safe location were your kid cannot get to it. The sort of funny (but sad) part is the drugs eventually get them to the point where they don't even care to hide the evidence.

Lloyd Woodward said...

Kids also hide things in microphones. I say that because I know Cisco loves to rap. Just unscrew the top of the microphone and see whats in there. Still, that might ruin it for a microphone but if the teen as more than one check them out.

Lloyd Woodward said...

A good one came up at PSST today. Duct taped to the top of the inside of the kid's dresser droor.


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