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Happy Mothers Day from PSST and The MOM SONG!
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Sunday, May 09, 2010

Yesterday, at our Wexford PSST, in honor of Mother's Day we had a cake (White Batter with Vanilla Mouse Center.) This picture is from my cell phone camera.

Four parents, all mothers, attended our Meeting. Val and I were there. We got to practice our skills more than we usually do since it was a small meeting.

One of the topics concerned Teens doing well temporarily just so that they can have privileges restored but the parent really is NOT COMFORTABLE with restoring things like cell phones etc. See The Third Most Effective Manipulation Technique. Another topic concerned a parent who needs to work closely with The Academy day/ evening program and with Probation. Good meeting, thanks for the support of those that showed up and those that tune into read this blog.

As we did last year I am going to put the Mom Song on our blog in honor of Mother's Day.

A Happy Mother's Day to:

To mothers everywhere who fight the good fight.
To mothers all over who live with the fright
that their teenagers might die from this deadly disease...

To mothers who try so hard to fix things up so that their
teens won't suffer when they screw things up.
To mothers who cry at night for all that they have lost
To mothers who cry for what they fear they will loose.

To mothers who know that every time they say goodbye
It could be the last time they look in their children's eyes.
To mothers who take matters into their own hands
who decide to do whatever it takes.

To mothers who come to awkward meetings with strangers
if they think they might learn some important new thing
To mothers who think that now armed with this new knowledge
they can make a difference.

To mothers who strive to use the Courts, the police, the school,
the parents of their teen's friends, ACT 53,outpatient, church pastors, family therapists, support group meetings, (who turn over every last stone.)

To mothers who refuse to give up on their drug-driven teens
but who refuse to enable one more month, week, day or even minute
because they know how horrible each enabling act can be.

To mothers who rise above the fear- who stand up to their teenager
even though they are scared - scared of death but scared of more-
scared that teenagers will love them no more.

To mothers who agree to be the bad guy
and stand up to their teenagers every time they get high.
To mothers who have from time to time seen their teen get it together and experience the sober-mind.

To mothers who have seen some great turn-around
and this brings about the joy you have sought.
And yet even so- this is to you mothers who still live in fear
that even when things are going good that the disease is still there.

Happy Mothers Day as you strive to make things right,
because you fight this fight at great sacrifice.
There are no greater heroes, be they large or small,
who can hold a candle to you all.


Anonymous said...

Wow-powerful poem! I am sure all of us moms can relate to this! Thanks for the post and I will share with other moms who are traveling down this bumpy road with their kids! Happy Mom's Day to all! Enjoy! Hugs, Debby

Sally said...

Until our children become clean and sober and mature they do not appreciate what we do for them.... It is nice that our PSST friends do appreciate and understand what a struggle it is to be a mom of an addict. Thanks for the truthful poem and the hilarious song.


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