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"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by:Rocco--Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Because I'm a man, when the car isn't running very well, I will open the hood and stare at the engine as if I know what I'm looking at. I will jiggle some wires, check the fluids, tighten some screws and possibly replace a filter but…

“Because I am a man I will not admit that I can't fix it!”

Because I am a man, when I purchase an appliance, piece of furniture or some other gadget I will not pay one dime more for it to be assembled. I will take it home and scatter the pieces, force and bend the parts, enlarge the holes, question the intelligence of the designer, cuss at the infernal thing but…
“Because I am a man I will not read the instructions!”

Because I'm a man, when one of our appliances stops working, I will insist on taking it apart, despite evidence that this will just cost me twice as much once the repair person gets here and has to put it back together but…
“Because I am a man asking for assistance is out of the question!”

Because I'm a man, when I lock my keys in the car, I will fiddle with a coat hanger long after either hypothermia or heat stroke has set in but…
“Because I am a man calling the AAA for help is not an option!”

About a year ago I, a man, had to admit that we were totally lost. We were in need, big time, for some directions on how to plot a new course for this whole teenage recovery thing. We've been regularly attending the PSST meetings since then. We've acquired some new skills, taken back control of our lives and we have our son on his way to recovery.

We have been able to accomplish this on account of the support and encouragement of a lot of caring concerned professionals and fellow parents.

One thing that we have noticed is that the parent that is usually attending the meeting is the Mom, and that is okay. Nevertheless if we could get both Mom and Dad involved with the meetings a lot more perspective could be added to the group. This would be the case for Single Dads also.

In addition to the case of Single Moms we know that there are other reasons for the Dads not making it in; work, appointments, younger sisters and brothers to care for and, as in our very own experience, not wanting to leave our son and our home unprotected.

Hopefully this shortage of Dads is not a stubborn thing, a “lack of trust” thing, a pride thing, a childish thing or a macho thing.

If you can make it, we would like to have a few more good men attending our PSST Meetings on Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

You are cordially invited to sit in, discuss, contribute, consider some ideas, ask questions, express your point of view and help develop some innovative solutions.

So let's go guys! C'mon in and join us.

If you're struggling with teenage drug abuse and you want some advice on a new approach, we can help you "find a new way to get there."

Our meetings are open to all parents, including Dads, who are serious about making a difference in their children’s life. There is no charge or commitment.

Maybe you can even (shudder at the thought) pick up some new directions.

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