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Feb 20th PSST Meeting - Very Therapeutic
Posted by:Sally--Saturday, February 20, 2010

South Hills PSST Meeting was attended by 7 parents and 5 professionals.
(Professionals are officers, therapists and directors)

After the opening announcements everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and tell as little or as much as they wished to tell about their teenager/parental relationship. There was a storehouse of information and knowledge and wisdom and laughter that was exchanged.

After a fifteen minute break we continued with two role-plays: 1.) Teenager Who Uses Persuasive Methods in Order to Get What They Want 2.) Parents Reaction when an Adult Child Wants to Come Home. We had four other suggestions for role-plays but ran out of time. They will be played out in the upcoming meetings. The other role-play suggestions were as follows: A.) I'M 18, I DON'T NEED A CURFEW. Treat me like an adult, give me freedom and let me make my own decisions. (Just keep cooking, cleaning up after me and giving me free room and board.)
B. ) How to Stop Enabling
C. ) Don't come and visit me (while I am in inpatient)....unless you change your mind about putting me in a halfway house.
D. ) My girlfriend is moving in with us mom!!

Thanks to all who attended this successful meeting. I know I walked away feeling empowered and hope you did also. The snacks were delicious and nutritious. The cheesecake was out-of-this world.


Lloyd Woodward said...

WELCOME SALLY AND ROCCO to being Editors of the PSST blog! Our readers have enjoyed your updates for quite a while and now I'm excited to see you as our new additions to our EDITOR TEAM! Parents can now send their stories directly to you guys for posting and/ or editing. Thanks a million for volunteering to be editors.

That homemade cheesecake was terrific! We saw a new face and it was nice to have Karen from Outreach Teen and Family as a guest. Even though we only did two skits, all the players were terrific.

It's great that we got so many requests for scenarios. I think that Kathie's idea to have parents jot down the scenarios and pull them out of a box added some excitement! Good idea, Sally, to post the scenarios that we didn't have time for, hoping that we can get to them at our next meeting.

How about that Kathie T as a manipulative male teenager trying to move back into the house, have his girlfriend live their too, and not have any rules!!!!! I'm afraid she met her match when she faced off with Rocco!

We also had some of our Monroeville area parents drive to Mt. Lebanon for the first time! That made the meeting very special. Funny that they got to the meeting at 8:45 and as they pointed out, we never see them until 9:15 at Wilkensburg!

Great post Sally! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Great meeting and excellent role playing! Well worth the drive from the East. When I left that day I felt like I had a dose of medicine tro help me think more clearly about the situation I was dealing with! Thanks to ALL! Debby


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