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Posted by:Jenn--Monday, December 02, 2013

Transformation - written by Elizabeth

This is the story of a young girl who struggles with addiction.
The mother (Elizabeth) had a strained relationship with her youngest daughter Gwen. As you see, without professional help, addiction tears families apart. Gwen was in placement with hopes of getting her high school diploma. Family visits were allowed every two weeks. During those visits, Elizabeth and Gwen would work on art projects and play games while getting reacquainted. Elizabeth was very thankful to be part of Gwen's recovery.  She feared for her very beautiful – as Gwen's probation officer put it, “movie star beautiful” – daughter's life. Elizabeth prayed for God and Jesus to present themselves to Gwen, Elizabeth knowing this to be very possible.

After one particular Saturday visit, Elizabeth needed time to gather her thoughts. She pulled over along a stream in one of Pennsylvania's National Forests. Elizabeth parked her car, and then looked up.  She couldn't believe she was seeing hundreds of Tiger Swallowtail butterflies pouring from between the trees like a waterfall. The butterflies surrounded her car.  She got out of her car and watched the butterflies fly towards the sun in a beam of sunlight. Forty or more swallowtails remained, while Elizabeth watched them dwindle down to two. Then, Elizabeth "Got It."  Gwen was going to be more than just OK, and as Gwen now knows and accepts, she is on the earth for a great purpose!

Before Elizabeth could tell Gwen of her experience, Gwen had found the same type of swallowtail in the greenhouse and sent it to her Mom.  (A mere coincidence?  Elizabeth doesn’t think so!)

Gwen recently received her high school diploma. As a graduation gift, Elizabeth wrote her this story and presented her daughter with a hand-made pendant with a Tiger Swallowtail wing inside, created by an artist in San Francisco. Just as caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies, Gwen has transformed into a courageous young woman.   
This is a true story and a testament to the power of God's love.


Jenn said...


What a beautiful story! It's always encouraging when a parent's unfailing efforts to support and guide her child, no matter how hopeless it might seem, are rewarded.

And congratulations to Gwen on her graduation - such an accomplishment!


Roxie said...

What a blessed recovery experience. Not to change others’ belief system, it is just my personal conviction that God will use all His creation, including butterflies, to accomplish only His will for our lives. Gwen, Elizabeth’s daughter, was transformed through the close-knit, developing cocoon phase to transform into a beautiful, sober butterfly whose wings to fly were not encumbered by addiction. The numerous butterflies flying around Gwen’s mother’s car reminded me of the overwhelming success of her daughter’s sobriety. Our Higher Power wants the same experience for all those suffering from the bondage of alcohol and drug dependency. Recovery’s beauty is a blessing to behold and never to be taken for granted. As optimistic parents, I pray that we all have our own beautiful butterfly experience. Thank you for sharing such a symbolic story of hope, Elizabeth.

Laura said...

No mother expects their child to go through the struggles of this type of addiction, but Elizabeth has the conviction and determination to help Gwen recover completely so she can obtain a happy/healthy new chance at life. Great story. Keep up the great work both of you, and........... KEEP BELIEVING!


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