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Bright Ideas?!
Posted by:Jenn--Thursday, December 05, 2013

Bright Ideas with Deadly Consequences
by Roxie

Lenny and I have a cordial relationship while he decides if and when he should enroll in a halfway house or the military. Both are illusions. He still lives at the house, works part-time at McDonald’s, and I call the police for his drunken behavior when required. I was hesitantly hopeful that he would enter a drug rehab program, until my Lowe’s light bulb pack was tampered with.

I prefer bright light, so I searched stores for 100-watt bulbs to brighten the dark, overcast environment of my home. After using three bulbs out of a 10-pack, I realized there were none remaining in a two-week period. Questioning Lenny brought about numerous defensive answers. I conclude that he involved himself and friends in smoking illegal substances out of the bulbs.

After investigating, I found that broken light bulbs are used for smoking crystal meth and crack. The light bulb serves as the conduit to heat up for inhaling the drugs. What techniques and chemically engineered drugs will they come up with next? Recently Wilma, a PSST parent, shared her discovery that today’s ‘ear-wax’ marijuana can be as potent as 90% THC, a mind-altering / hallucinogenic property that can have a deadly effect on brain receptors (see highly-potent-ear-wax-marijuana-concerns-health-officials for more information).

Back in my day of the 1970’s, other drugs used for colorfully created delusions were mushrooms and mescaline. The mushroom spores can be purchased today online and mescaline (aka peyote) is available on Amazon.com in the Lawn and Garden section.

Pun intended, the availability and strength of the drugs today will knock our kids’ lights out permanently. As parents, we need to stay informed of the creative ways our kids are getting high. We may not be able to stop them, but knowledge gives us power and a slight edge in the awareness of products accessible in the illegal drug market.

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