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PLEASE: No gifts for staff please!
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Saturday, December 07, 2013

I am very sorry I didn't think to post this earlier :-(

However, Valerie, Julie and I are not permitted by County Policy to accept gifts. It's very difficult to say "No" because we do not want to offend and also because we appreciate our thoughtful and appreciative PSST parents. We are in a tight spot here so please be considerate and don't offer us anything. I believe that Wesley Spectrum has a similar policy so don't be offended if none of the fine Wesley Spectrum Family Therapists won't accept gifts either.

All of us want you all to know that the best gift that you can give us is just your presence at our meetings. Also, many of you have your ways of showing us that you appreciate us all year long. That's one of the reasons that we are so lucky! We know that you appreciate us. We appreciate you all as well. :-)

Just be there if and when you can -that's the best gift of all!


Anonymous said...

You have all given us the Gift of Love, the Gift of Hope, the Gift of Family and Friends, the Gift of Your Time and Dedication......all priceless. I know I can speak for everyone and extend our gratefulness!~~~~~Jane

Anonymous said...

I second this comment!!


Wilma said...

I third!!!!


Anonymous said...

Agreed! You have given us Hope and helped us to survive. Thank you from all of us.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, so I 4th [?] it!!


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