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Training available for Volunteer Parent Coaches
Posted by:Jenn--Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is looking for parents who might be interested in their volunteer parent coach program. Cathy Taughinbaugh, a certified Parent, Life and Recovery Coach, has been participating in this program for over a year and has found it to be a powerful support system for parents who are struggling with their child's drug or alcohol use. It's a great way to give back and help other parents.

Looking for Experienced Parents to Help Support other Families Facing Drug or Alcohol Problems with their Kids
Have you or someone you know had personal experience with a drug or alcohol abusing child and want to use that experience to help other families facing similar problems? We are looking for 8-10 experienced parents in the New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, and Pittsburgh, PA areas who are interested in getting free, specialized CRAFT ((Community Reinforcement and Family Training) training to learn how to be a volunteer parent coach. Your first-hand experience understanding the impact of drugs and alcohol on a family is an incredibly valuable resource for other families. Wouldn't you have benefited from someone listening and helping you who had walked in your shoes?

Please respond to Cathy Taughinbaugh at contact@treatmenttalk.org immediately to learn more. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and the Center for Motivation and Change is offering this CRAFT-Based Peer Support parent coach training in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Boston, and Pittsburgh, PA this fall. Materials and training are provided at no cost to you. You are not required or expected to have a professional background in substance abuse, just your own personal experience. After the training, you will become part of a national group of parent coaches (Parent Support Network) who help and support the many parents who feel hopeless, alone, and ashamed of their child's disease of addiction.

The trainings in the 4 metro areas will be provided by an experienced local psychologist, a specially trained parent coach 'mentor' and a professional staff member from the Partnership. CRAFT has been proven to be effective in helping families encourage their adolescent or young adult child toward healthy change. This training will also enable you to be a more effective communicator with your own children and family. Together we can learn to support each other. 

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