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Thanks to "our" Fabulous Interns!
Posted by:Jenn--Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanks to “our” fantastic Wesley Spectrum interns, Abby & Elizabeth, for sharing valuable information at our special PSST meeting today.  The topics discussed were improving family communication (listening and dealing with conflict) and grief education/counseling. The parents who attended were in for a surprise, because we didn’t have to choose one of the two topics, instead we experienced both!

The information was helpful, and there was a lot of sharing within the group - even role-plays! 



Anonymous said...

Thanks to our PSST parents! We learn from you every week! Thank you for supporting us!
Elizabeth Bayley
Wesley Spectrum Intern

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth & Abby!
These were such great workshops......learned so much about communication and hope for another opportunity to do more of those roleplays! Loved it!

And the grief workshop was very informative & helpful, I think we all walked away wanting more!

I think the off weeks from PSST should include at least one or both of these topics & maybe the PSST Roleplay workshops that have been discussed!


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