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The Word is Out . . .
Posted by:Jenn--Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Allegheny County Juvenile Probation Awards Ceremony was held tonight in Pittsburgh, so now it’s official!
Anne & Paul at the PSST meeting celebration

Paul & Anne are the Allegheny County Parents of the Year!  Members of their personal family, as well as members of their PSST family, were at the ceremony to show their support and pride for what this couple has achieved.  For their firm yet compassionate dealings with their son, for what they’ve been through & survived together as a family, and for their encouragement in helping others in the PSST group – they truly set an example for us all. 

After their speech at the ceremony, their son (now 26 months clean) joined them at the front of the room to give them hugs – such a fitting and heartwarming gesture. 

Lloyd, Val, Cam, Anne, Paul & others at the
Allegheny County Awards Ceremony

Justin is the Probation Officer Rookie of the Year!  His supervisor nominated him based on his ability to pick up his new job duties so quickly and efficiently, his dedication to his work, and his willingness to help the organization in whatever capacity he was needed.


Congratulations to all of these deserving individuals!


Lloyd Woodward said...

Things I liked about the Parent Award:

1. Never saw quite that many parents from PSST there to support the Parent of the Year!

2. Anne and Paul's acceptance speech was very moving. They read the post that their teenager put on his face book when he heard they won and it made me cry. I wish we had that on the blog.

3. Heartfelt thank yous all around for "Team Andy" and especially the one for Judge Woodruff was very well done. He was in the first row with about nine other Judges.

4. Anne thanked Mohawk Jesse who was both the Keynote Speaker and a family friend. Of course, Jesse if you haven't heard him, is so inspirational.

5. Anne thanked Justin Innocent just minutes before he picked up Rookie of the Year! What timing! We miss you at PSST Justin. Justin has graciously offered to fill in for me anytime I can't make it :-)

6. The Judges filled the front row and now they know more about PSST than they did before thanks to Paul and Anne :-)

7. The feeling of gratitude that I got that I am just so fortunate to work with such outstanding people. I think Paul and/ or Anne said it best- "Every parent who comes to PSST is Parent of the Year because they are trying to save their child's life."

8. Listening to Paul talk about all the different places that Andy had been I was thinking is there any place Andy hadn't been, and of course at that point the whole room is aware that there IS always hope. If their son can get turned around...

Thank you Paul & Anne. You have you have given back more to all of us than you realize.

Lloyd Woodward said...

Read the Happy 2nd Anniversary Carry On

Wilma said...

Congratulations to ALL of you!!!

I wasn't able to attend the awards ceremony so appreciate the photos and post.

Jim and Cheryl,

You really are an inspiration to me. My son is off probation, well officially next week, and not out of the woods. Thanks for your words of hope. I loved your speech in the later post and even though I cried I was truly inspired and grateful for your words of encouragement for the rest of us.


You are so deserving of your award. I appreciated the work you did with us when you were at WS and I was not surprised when I heard of your new job as a probation officer. I felt that would be a good move for you.


Jenn said...

Here's the Facebook post that Lloyd mentions, written by "Andy":

"My mom just told me that her and my dad have been chosen Allegheny County Juvenile Court Parents of the Year. I'm so happy they finally get the recognition they deserve. Everybody tells me how great I'm doing and how far I've come, but people rarely realize the hell and embarrassment I put them and the rest of my family through. I couldn't have accomplished everything I've done in the last 2 years without their love, support, and annoying me enough to motivate myself to go do something with myself. Love you mom and dad"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul and Anne. I love the speech you wrote and I'm amazed by Cameron's transformation. I can remember your exasperation, anger and sadness many times when he seemed to be going in circles. Now he is clean, working hard, and best of all, an inspiration to others.


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