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The Video "Deception":
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Thursday, December 29, 2011

Juvenile Probation partnered with The Alliance to make this video several years ago. Michael Bartlett produced and directed.

Special thanks to all the courageous individuals that made this video possible and especially Jessica, may she rest in peace.


Cheryl, Jim, Andy + 3 Stooges said...

First time I have seen this video. Moving...."accountability to home rules broken"....what will 2012 bring...even stronger, more persistent, parents. Thank you PSST!

Wilma said...

First time I have also seen this video. Listening to all of the kids it was as if my son was speaking. He gets mad when I don't beleive him but he lies so much and so well I never really know what is the truth.
At the end when Deb talks about listening to the "whispers" I am guilty of not paying attention to those whispers and nagging doubts I had as far back as two years ago. As 2010 got worse and worse for us as a family I began to acknowledge that my son and also our family had a problem. It wasn't until a year ago that i knew how bad the problem was and that we were beginning a new journey. However, a year ago I found PSST and discovered that we weren't alone.
Before watching this video today I have been struggling with what I want to happen at my son's next court hearing. He has relapsed, isn't following judge's rules and more. However, there isn't the violence that we had 3 months ago. In my heart I think he needs to be away from here but then I start doubting and thinking is that too harsh? However, after watching the video I know that even though things currently aren't as bad as they've been I think they are getting worse and I have to do what I can to save him. He of course doesn't see it that way. But as one of the teens said in the video that they weren't thinking when they used. They are drinking, smoking and if offered something else they aren't thinking of the consequences.
I think of those consequences and of course the worst of them is death.

Thanks for posting this powerful video.



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