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Are You Having Trouble Leaving a Comment?
Posted by:Rocco--Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are You Having Trouble Leaving a Comment?

[I just noticed that this post is the most widely read this week; therefore, I have updated the email link and reposted it as current. I think the comments are still helpful. It was originally Posted by:Rocco -- Sunday, October 10, 2010] L. Woodward

We have received some feedback lately that people are/are not able to leave comments on the various posts. It seems to be running about 50/50. Sometimes we have heard if you log off and then log back on a second time it works.

The easier solution is to look to the top right of the PSST Blog right underneath "Search This Blog." Go to the "E-mail your story to gopsst@gmail.com" and e-mail your comments to us.

We want to hear from you so please keep sending in your comments, questions, observations or a personal experieince that you would like to share. If you want to listed under a pen name or as anonymous just let us know in your e-mail.


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Anonymous said...

The cue that you have left a successful comment is:

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval."

Anonymous said...

If you have a popup killer application going you probably have to either end it first or click allow popup window when it promts you.

Anonymous said...

I just had trouble. I clicked on the "click to comment" and nothing happened. Tried again. Nothing. Then I right-clicked on the "click to comment" and then I chose "open in another window." Worked fine then. Don't forget to type in the hard-to-read word if it asked you for one!

Anonymous said...

If you get this error: "Service Unavailable Error 503" just try again- it usually works the second time.

Rocco said...

Thanks Anonymous - I forgot to add that your comment will not appear instantly. It has to be posted by one of our editors. We try to get them up asap. - Rocco

Lloyd Woodward said...

Here's a problem I have but it might be only me. When I click on "click to comment" I sometimes get a little dialoque box that asks me:

"Do you want to allow the current website to interact with content from another website?"

Choose "Don't allow." We have no interaction with other websites when you leave a post and when I click "Don't Allow" the box for leaving a comment comes right up no problem. If I click "Allow interaction" I get into drifting problems with my computer. I think the other website is trying to suck me over but my ad aware program prevents that from happening completely.

ca said...

I am having trouble posting on the private blog site but my comments post fine here ?

I get to click post new topic and type it all out then have SAVE. or CANCEL icons at bottom not post ? I click save and nothing happens and I tried change url format option that did nothing clicking save either?

Anyone know where it may have saved to so I can retrieve and post ?

It . Possibly is time sensitive and I type too slow and or long before I post?

Happen on computer and now kindle. I am logged in to Yahoo site

Brigitte said...

Hi Mary,
Your issue is a new one. When posting to the Yahoo group, you should see a "send" button below your post. I have never seen a "save" button. I can look into it but I need your e-mail to do that. Can you e-mail me directly (psstbrigitte@gmail.com) so I can try to get this fixed for you?


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