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New Wexford Meeting Place!
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Friday, September 18, 2009

Trinity Lutheran Church at 2500 Brandt School Road has agreed to sponsor our Second Saturday of each month PSST meeting. This provides us with larger facilities. We want to send out a special thank you to Trinity Lutheran Church for helping us out at this time. Please come out to support us at our new location on Saturday October 17th. This location is 2 miles from our old location at The Alliance Offices. You actually drive to the left past this spot pictured and enter right through the next driveway where it says YMCA. (see driveway to right). We meet in the educational building in the rear, which you can see at the center of this picture above where the cars are parked. If you click on the photo it zooms in so you can see a bit better. This is a really nice place for our meeting- we can make coffee and have plenty of room.

Thanks to the Alliance for providing us with meeting space for several years. We have enjoyed an excellent location.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great location! Soergels Farm is close by and they have a wonderful market and store! Three cheers for the Trinity Lutheran Church for allowing us to meet in a healthy spiritual location! I hope it brings more families!


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