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Preparing for a six hour home pass.
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Sunday, August 09, 2009

This role-play was written in April of 2007. I want to reprint it today with a quick introduction. First, it's never important when you talk to your teenager to say everything right. Not at all. Just say some things right and you're off to the races.

Secondly, there is not just one response that works. Different people will say different things and be just as effective.

Third, it helps to have your talking points memorized because a lot of this keeps going back to the positions that you have already decided upon. You might have to wait 30 seconds for that talking points link to open the word document, then you can view or save it to your computer.

Fourth, the positions that these parents take here are not the only ones that can be effective; however these positions reflect a healthy stance. For example, while there are at least two different positions to take on the "Smoking Cigarettes" issue, the committment to "Secrets Keep Us Sick," is not an issue that you can work around. You have to just buy that one. If you are going to let your teenager smoke on a home pass, and you've taken into consideration all of the repercussions, then be honest about it with the staff at the rehab.

Well, instead of cutting and pasting, which I just found out is not practical in this blog format, please just follow this link to the original.

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