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Message from PSST parent.
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Sunday, August 30, 2009

With the permission of the parent we are reprinting this recent email. We now can reveal that this comment is from "Sally."

Hi Lloyd,

For the last hour of so I have been educating myself by reading your PSST nevertheless website. WOW! The myths of addiction were very helpful and I reread the way addicts manipulate a parent. I really should have started educating myself years ago. But I will not fret about that but simply try to 'catch up' now.

Cisco tried the guilting on me tonight. When I explained that he should NOT have ANY contact with [a certain peer]. He told me that his addiction is partially my fault...

I had to tell him twice that It is his addiction and I am not to blame. Our argument was short lived and by the time we returned home he ate dinner with us and even asked if he could set the table.

I hope and pray every day that he beats this thing.


(Footnote: A second useful posting about Myths of Addiction.) (Image from Creative Card Gold licensed software.)

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