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I Feel Alive
Posted by:Jenn--Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Feel Alive

I feel alive when I want to die.
The drug enters my veins,
I can fly.
Heroin turns life around in the blink
of an eye.
Steals your confidence, worth, dreams,
your future.
It’s like torture.
Everything I said I’d never do.
Break all my morals, so do you.
Whenever you feel like it’s under control,
the voice says “I’m not done.”
And you’re screwed.
First thing on your mind
when you wake.  It’ll have your skin
crawling until the next hit.
It’ll turn you insane,
fill you with pain.
They say it’s progressive, sometimes fatal.

I don’t know if I’m strong enough for the battle.

Torrian R.

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Jenn said...


You may never read this response to your posting, but I still feel the need to say how moved I was at what you wrote. Your poem is very personal, intense, and gripping. The struggle of addiction is hard for the non-addict to understand, but your post shares some of the conflicted emotions - the thrill of the high, yet the terror at the loss of control.

Your words speak an inner strength. I pray that you truly ARE strong enough for the battle.



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