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Meeting at Eastern on 17th is a special meeting.
Posted by:Lloyd Woodward--Friday, January 09, 2009

There is an Juvenile Court Education/ Assessment group that meets monthly at Eastern. That group will also be meeting on the 17th. In fact, for this experiment, PSST will not meet in our regular meeting room but instead we are going to meet on the Fourth Floor in a very nice meeting room. Just follow the signs from where we usually meet on the first floor towards the back elevator-make a left off the elevator and your're there.

Other parents that will be bringing their teens to the Education/ Assessment group, which will be meeting on the First Floor where we usually meet, will be invited to sit in on our PSST meeting!

Note: the Education/ Assessment group is by invitation only so don't bring your teens with you on the 17th. Just expect that we will have some new faces in group. And we love having new faces in group.

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