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A little holiday fun
Posted by:Ken Sutton--Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We had a suggestion (good idea Barb!) at our last meeting to share some holiday treats and joy during our 12/15 meeting at the Eastern Probation Office. Purely voluntary if you want to bring something. We will have a regular format meeting, just more to eat!

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Lloyd Woodward said...

Ken- nice post. I love the blinking lights on the sleigh! Great idea Barb. I don't know what to bring but I'll think of something. Does anyone have a Santa costume. We could all take ask Santa to take our resentments away and to listen to our thoughts of gratitude this holiday season! Seriously, I think this is wonderful idea and I hope for nice turn out. This is the only holiday party meeting we have scheuduled, so if you normally attend a different meeting please consider traveling to Eastern for this meeting- we would love to have you share in the festivities. Should we plan to run all the way to noon on this meeting?


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