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Live Drug Forum on KDKA radio
Posted by:Ken Sutton--Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Alliance hosted the second annual Drug Forum with Marty Griffin today. This event was live on KDKA radio from 9:00 to Noon broadcasting from the Orchard Hill Church, Wexford. Juvenile Probation and Coffeehouse Nation were there to share their stories of hope and success.


Anonymous said...

I was proud to be part of this well organized, educational forum.
Great job to Lloyd, Sean, Jess, Eric, Kevin & Ken. All stories were POWERFUL!!!

The theme of the show was "Breaking The Code of Silence-Take Action" After I was finished speaking I realized there were a few things I didn't say but wanted to:
A: Awareness, Ask questions about drugs, become informed.
C: Call a professional & have an Assessment done if you suspect your child is using/abusing drugs.
T: Talk to your child's teachers, coaches, other parents- tell them your concerns & see if they also notice any signs of drug use.
I: IGNORING this issue could cost your child their LIFE.
O: Observe Signs & Symptoms of drug use- BIGGEST sign is YOUR GUT FEELING.
N: NEVER GIVE UP HOPE...There is help.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Lloyd, Mary and Ken. And all our recovering children who were courageous and shared their stories, shared the HOPE. I especially appreciate Sean's comments about parent involvement and a positive relationship with the Probation Officer. You are an inspiration!

Lloyd Woodward said...

You are all inspirations. I just wish Mary and Ken could have said a little more- but there were so many people that wanted to speak, that you can understand why everyone just got a sound bite or two. Some high points of the morning for me were Mary pointing out that she has her story and Eric can tell his own-and then a few minutes later, Eric told his story so powerfully. And also it was very moving when Ken asked "What time is it?"

However, there were many very moving moments all though the morning. Jessica, Kevin, and Sean all had powerful messages. I think it was great that Marty made sure to get to each one of the Coffeehouse Nation. I was afraid he would miss Kevin but he got to him. And Kevin had a lot to say! I didn't realize how little family support Kevin had until he started sharing, and afterwards he was still talking to the other teens about it.

Some of the other teenagers were coming up to the Coffeehouse kids and asking them about 12-step meetings, so I think Ken was right when he said later that it there is a need to tell young people about 12-step meetings and where to go for help.

You would think that three hours would be plenty of time- but the morning ended with the feeling in the air like, "oh that was terrific- but there was so much more that needed said."

Well, Debbie Kehoe seems to be doing a great job of organizing these things and we are having another one coming up April 10th I believe. Stay tuned for more information. And a new video with both Mary and Sean is to be released on that same date.


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