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A Dose of Reality (aka The Two-Headed Beast) - written by Sally
Posted by:Jenn--Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Warning: Your Child’s Addiction May Be Fatal       
FATAL means he/she could die and you could live the rest of your life dealing with that fact. This warning comes to you from a parent who knows and simply wants you to understand how serious drug addiction is.


It has been almost three years now since we got that horrific phone call and learned that Cisco had died.

Life goes on. Our family is doing well and even prospering. Frodo and Fiona have two beautiful daughters!  We eat, we sleep, we travel. We are both working full-time, and I still spend my free time with knitting needles clicking away. Some days are better than others.

Today my heart is heavy. Just as Cisco had triggers that instigated his drug use, we have triggers that make us grieve. It might be the photos of Cisco that I discovered recently on a flash drive or maybe it’s because his 23rd birthday is coming up soon. Whatever the reason, sometimes the gap that his death left on our hearts becomes unbearably large.

Yoga helps me find peace. My faith and prayers bring me hope. Friends and family sustain me. However, the thing that keeps me going is the hate that I have for drug addiction.

I think of addiction as an evil, two-headed beast with two brains that keeps outsmarting itself.  I firmly stand square-shouldered facing this monstrosity, I look into its red, piercing eyes and I say to it:

“Cisco convinced some of his friends to stay clear of you, you vile and pestilent creature. However, you were able to get a stronghold on Cisco, even though he fought you off most gallantly. For Cisco’s sake I will not let you ruin me. I will live well and survive. I will tell as many people as I can about your evil ways. I will do my best to take you down.”

I take my eyes off this creature now. I slowly and purposefully walk away.

This evil thing called addiction can be defeated. 


Jenn said...


We still think of you and Rocco often, and pray for your continued healing. So happy for the blessing of 2 lovely grandchildren – what a joy they must be!

Thinking about this week’s Quote of the Week from Lao Tzu (If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.) . . . you and Rocco are working so hard at finding peace by living in the present, which is exactly what Cisco would have wanted for you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jenn, for your kind and thoughtful words. Rocco and I often think of our PSST friends and their children and wonder how you are doing. We hope that none of you are enabling your children and that you are enjoying life. I often think of your children and I wish them much success with their fight against 'the evil two headed monster'. Every day that they stay clean is a step in the right direction. Sincerely, Sally

Lloyd Woodward said...

Thanks for sharing this Sally. We miss you and Rocco very much at PSST. Your wisdom, strength and hope still helps us and your post highlights how horrible is this disease of addiction. You are so right that Cisco would have wanted you to move on and yet it is with much pain and grief that you do. You and Rocco had him for a while and while we hope he is in a better place you will miss him forever.

Ralph said...

Sally, you and Rocco were an inspiration to Alice and I on fighting against addiction and for our sons! Words can't describe the thoughts, feelings, joys and disasters which parents of addicts go through, but we have each other, and I'm glad we had you two!


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